Vacmaster WD L38 L Class Wet & Dry Dust Extractor

£179.99 VK1638SWC-01L

240V L-Class certified 38 Litre Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner with 1600W Twin Fan Motor, Power Take Off and HEPA Filtration. Model No. VK1638SWC.


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One of our most powerful wet and dry vacuum cleaners, the WD L38 generates 260 air watts from a 1600W high-performance Twin Fan motor. With a class L certification for HSE government workplace exposure limits, the WD L38 is designed to protect operators exposed to low toxicity, harmful dusts that are greater than 1 milligram per cubic metre. The HEPA 13 cartridge filter, HEPA 13 post-motor filter, washable pre-filter and Hygiene Seal Dust Bag provides one of the highest rated HEPA filtration systems on the market. Capturing at least 99.95% of microscopic dust and allergen particles, down to 0.3 microns. Each element of the WD L38's construction has been engineered for heavy duty use, with the tank, suction tubes, castors and fittings all moulded from thick-skinned stainless steel. The cable is reinforced with toughened PVC and even the larger 38mm hose is crush resistant. And because it’s designed by Vacmaster, it’s as versatile as it is durable. Capable of switching between wet and dry extraction, it can capture everything from fine cement dust, to bulky rubble, to litres of defrosted water from industrial sized freezers. What’s more, it also comes with an integrated power take-off socket. VK1638SWC-01L


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1. L Class Dust Extraction

Independently tested as Class L for the collection of light hazardous dusts, including soft woods, gypsum, plasterboard and Corian. Effective and reliable extraction that is suitable for lower-toxicity dusts with a workplace exposure limit (WEL) of greater than 1 mg/m3.

2. Certified HEPA 13 filtration

With H13 HEPA cartridge filter with protective grill and H13 HEPA post-motor filter. Capturing at least 99.95% of dust and allergen particles, down to 0.3 microns. Includes washable pre-filter and Hygiene Seal Dust Bag for even greater protection for asthma and allergy sufferers.

3. 1600-Watt Twin Fan Bypass Motor

The Vacmaster 1600-watt twin fan motor delivers more suction power and lower noise levels over an extended life time.

4. Power Take Off

Integrated 1390W power take-off socket for cleaning your work space as you sand or drill. Plug in your power tool and connect the suction hose to start extracting dust. Operate the vacuum from the power switch on your tool.

5. Wet or Dry Extraction

Vacuums wet and dry areas. The washable pre-filter coupled with the HEPA cartridge filter captures dust either directly into the tank or into a fitted dust bag for hygienic disposal. Remove filters and slide on the foam filter to extract liquids.

6. Heavy Duty Construction

Heavy duty construction with 38L tank, suction tubes, castors and fittings all moulded from thick-skinned stainless steel. Reinforced 9m cable with toughened PVC and crush resistant 38mm diameter hose system for collecting larger debris - positive screw connection and large 15" floor head. Also features drainage plug for safe liquid disposal.

technical details

Model Number


Power Supply

Corded 220 - 240V

Motor Power


Motor Type

Twin Fan Bypass

Tank Size


Tank Material

Stainless Steel

Power Take Off

Yes (1390W)

Max Airflow

52 L/sec

Max Vacuum Pressure

27 kPa

Air Watts

260 AW

Suction Tubes

Stainless Steel

Handle with Airflow Control


Blower Function


Hose Length


Hose Type

Reinforced, crush resistant

Hose Connection


Connection Diameter


Cord Length


Working Reach

Approx 13m

Dimensions (Complete Unit)

H 79cm x W 39cm x D 46cm



Floor Head

x1 Universal & x1 Dual Mode

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Vacmaster WD L38 Wet & Dry Dust Extractor
Vacmaster WD L38 Wet & Dry Dust Extractor

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