Vacmaster EasyClean Carpet Spot Cleaner Award Winning

Vacmaster EasyClean Carpet Spot Cleaner



The Vacmaster EasyClean Spot Cleaner comes to the rescue when life’s little accidents happen. Quickly removing everyday spills and stains from carpets, rugs and upholstery. Just spray, brush and vacuum for a spotless finish, every time. A powerful 800W motor lifts larger spills quickly and tough stains easily. Perfect for tackling ground in dirt and muddy paw prints. Compact and light, it can be stored where it’s easy to grab. Right when you need it. Model no. SCA0801-01 Expert Reviews Carpet Cleaner of the Year 2023.

Why choose a carpet cleaner

Carpet cleaners use water and shampoo to deep clean the fibres of carpets, rugs, and upholstery. Removing stains, pet mess and odours that ordinary vacuum cleaners and steamers can't. Carpet washers keep your carpets, rugs and soft furnishings looking and smelling like new for longer and can even revive old carpets that you may otherwise have considered replacing.

For when accidents happen, handheld spot cleaners are a compact and light alternative to full size upright carpet washers. They're small enough to be stored in a kitchen cupboard or on a shelf, so they're conveniently within reach when you need them. Designed for busy homes with children and pets, spot cleaners quickly remove spills and stains from deep within carpets and soft furnishings. They're ideal for tackling ground-in dirt and muddy paw prints. Look for models that use two separate tanks for the clean water and the dirty water, as these are the most effective and hygienic cleaners.   

The Vacmaster® Range 

Shop Vacmaster® by Cleva. Manufacturer of over 65 million appliances worldwide. Alongside our premium upright and cordless vacuum cleaners, the Vacmaster® range also includes powerful air mover fans and industrial vacuum cleaners. Buy direct and browse our latest product range, access detailed specification information, and use the insights from the team that design and make the products to choose the best carpet spot cleaner for your needs. We offer free UK deliver; great customer service and you'll get additional peace of mind with our manufacturer's guarantee.