Vacmaster Garden and Artificial Grass Vacuum from Cleva UK

Vacmaster WD18 Garden & Artificial Grass Vacuum Cleaner



1250W, 18 litre wet and dry vacuum cleaner designed specifically for cleaning artificial grass, astroturf, patios, decking and other outdoor areas. With patented artificial grass tool, brass moss removal brush and blow function. Model No. VOC1218PF-01.

wet and dry vacuum cleaner Vacmaster Multi 20 by Cleva UK

Vacmaster Multi 20 PTO Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner



The Vacmaster Multi 20 wet and dry vacuum cleaner with power take off is an efficient multi-purpose vacuum cleaner built to tackle tough jobs around the house, garage, car or workshop. Model No. VQ1220PFC-01. Auto Express Best Buy Award (Best Car Vacuum Cleaners 2023)

Vacmaster Power 30 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner from Cleva UK - VQ1530SFDC

Vacmaster Power 30 PTO Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner



Engineered with a powerful 1500w motor generating 230 air watts, thick skinned stainless-steel tank and power take-off socket, the Power 30 PTO is designed for heavy duty workshop use. Model No. VQ1530SFDC-01

Why choose an Outdoor Vacuum Cleaner 

Outdoor vacuum cleaners, often referred to as wet and dry vacuum cleaners, are robust machines designed specifically to tackle jobs that your household vacuum can't cope with. Such as cleaning soil, rubble, sand, grit, gloop and litres of flood water. With higher wattage motors and large cartridge filters they perform well under pressure and don't mind getting dirty. 

If you have an artificial lawn, look for models that are designed with specially adapted floor nozzles that won't damage the grass fibres or dislodge the sand at the base of the lawn. It is not recommended to use your household vacuum cleaner on artificial lawn as the narrow extension tube and rotating brush bars can tear the grass fibres and pull the lawn away from the ground substrate. Garden vacuum cleaners should come with a range of tools to tackle all sorts of common jobs around the garden including blowing leaves and brass brushes for cleaning moss and lichen off patios and walls etc. 

For the garage or workshop some wet and dry vacuum cleaners also come with an onboard power-take-off socket for connecting and synchronising power tools, such as sanders and saws for extracting dust while you work. This is only ever a feature on wet and dry or workshop vacuum cleaners, never on a household vacuum and they're infinitely useful!

The Vacmaster Range 

Shop Vacmaster® by Cleva. Manufacturer of over 65 million appliances worldwide. Alongside our award-winning wet & dry vacuum cleaners, the Vacmaster® range includes versatile cordless household vacuum cleaners, corded upright vacuum cleaners and turbo fans. Buy direct and browse our latest product range, access detailed specification information, and use the insights from the team that design and make the products to choose the best workshop vacuum cleaner for your needs. We offer free UK delivery, great customer service and you'll get additional peace of mind with our manufacturer's guarantee.