Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

WEEE obligations for Business Customers

1.1 The Business Customer shall:

1.1.1 be responsible for financing the collection, treatment, recovery and environmentally sound disposal of: all WEEE arising or deriving from the products; and all WEEE arising or deriving from products placed on the market prior to 13 August 2005 where such products are to be replaced by the Products and the Products are of an equivalent type or are fulfilling the same function as that of such products;

1.1.2 comply with all additional obligations placed upon the Business Customer by the WEEE Regulations by virtue of the Business Customer accepting the responsibility set out in clause 1.1.1; and

1.1.3 provide Cleva's WEEE compliance scheme operator with such data, documents, information and other assistance as such scheme operator may from time to time reasonably require to enable such operator to satisfy the obligations assumed by it as a result of Cleva's membership of the operator's compliance scheme.

1.2 The Business Customer shall be responsible for all costs and expenses arising from and relating to its obligations in clause 1.1.

1.3 Further information in respect of the arrangements set out in clause 1.1 can be found at www.electrolink.eu.com by clicking 'BUSINESS WEEE COLLECTIONS', then clicking 'continue' under finals users, and then entering WEEE registration number WEE/MM2260AA where prompted.

'WEEE' means waste electrical and electronic equipment as defined in the WEEE Regulations.

'WEEE Regulations' means The Waste Electrical and Electronic Regulations 2013.