LawnMaster Impact Garden Shredder FD2402

LawnMaster Impact Garden Shredder 2400W



LawnMaster 2400W impact garden shredder with rapid cutting blade mechanism, ideal for leafy cuttings and softwood branches up to 40mm diameter. With 50L collection bag, 3m cable, safety plunger, spare blade and safety glasses. Model No. FD2402-01


LawnMaster Quiet Garden Shredder 2800W



LawnMaster 2800W quiet shredder with powerful crushing drum mechanism, ideal for woody branches. With 60L collection box, 3m cable, feeding stick spare wear plate and free safety glasses. Model No. SDS2810-01

Why use a garden shredder?

Garden shredders, also known as garden wood chippers, offer a quick and effective way to reduce garden waste to a manageable volume for easy disposal in your garden waste bin or composter. The wood chippings and mulch from this waste is great for suppressing weeds, enhancing nutrients, and retaining soil moisture. There are two different types of garden shredder; impact shredders and drum shredders. Impact shredders feature a rapid cutting blade mechanism that is ideal for shredding green leafy cuttings and softwood branches of up to 40mm. Drum shredders crush larger woody branches against a steel plate in a powerful cutting drum. They're much quieter and can handle tough, thicker branches. 

If your garden waste is mostly comprised of soft leafy cuttings from conifer hedges and green bushes for example, then an impact shredder is probably the best option for you. Look for models with a higher wattage power of over 2000W and that come with a collection bag and goggles, so you don't have to purchase these separately. 

If your garden waste includes large volumes of woody branches and twigs, then we'd recommend you invest a quiet drum shredder. Look for models that include a large collection box, so you don't have to go back and forth to the composter, bin or tip, and that feature a reverse setting for removing jams.

Why choose LawnMaster?

 Buy LawnMaster® products directly from the manufacturer, Cleva. Manufacturer of over 65 million appliances worldwide. Browse our latest product range, access detailed specification information, and use the insights from the team that design and make the products to choose the best garden shredder for your needs. We offer free UK delivery; UK customer service and additional peace of mind with our manufacturer's guarantee.