Vacmaster Cardio54® Fitness Fan

Vacmaster Cardio54® Fitness Fan



The Vacmaster Cardio54® indoor training fan is designed to unlock your performance potential. A maximum 54km/h (33mph) targeted airflow helps you control your heart-rate and keep your core temperature down. Keeping you cool, so you can keep going. Comes with remote control and adjustable directional flow. Model No. AM1202R.


Vacmaster Air Mover

£59.99 | £69.99


The Vacmaster Air Mover is a highly efficient, portable fan for drying floors, carpets, walls and ceilings. Circulates air rapidly to speed up water evaporation. Drying, cooling and ventilating large areas, fast. Product No. AM1202.


Vacmaster Air Mover Trade Set

£169.97 | £189.99


Pack of 3, 240V, 124W energy efficient air movers for rapid drying, cooling and ventilating.

Why choose an Air Mover

Air movers provide a powerful, targeted airflow, making them ideal for a wide range of industrial and domestic applications. There are a range of fans available, including tower, desk, floor and pedestal. Our air mover is a powerful, tilting, compact fan that can positioned on a floor, table or even mounted onto a wall. Turbo air fans like this are ideal for tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts for drying plaster, water leaks and paint. Whilst our cardio fitness fan with remote control has been specifically designed to enhance indoor training sessions, providing lifelike windspeeds of up to 54km/h for indoor cycling, running and more.    

The Vacmaster® Range

Shop Vacmaster® by Cleva. Manufacturer of over 40 million appliances worldwide. Alongside our highly rated air movers and cardio fitness fans, the Vacmaster® range includes powerful wet and dry vacuum cleaners and cordless uprights. Buy direct and browse our latest product range, access detailed specification information, and use the insights from the team that design and make the products to choose the best turbo fan for your needs. We offer free UK delivery, great customer service and you'll get additional peace of mind with our manufacturer's guarantee.