Vacmaster Air Mover



The Vacmaster Air Mover is a highly efficient, portable fan for drying floors, carpets, walls and ceilings. Circulates air rapidly to speed up water evaporation. Drying, cooling and ventilating large areas, fast. Product No. AM1202

Vacmaster Cardio54™ Fan



The Vacmaster Cardio54™ indoor training fan is designed to unlock your performance potential. A maximum 54km/h (33mph) targeted airflow helps you control your heart-rate and keep your core temperature down. Keeping you cool, so you can keep going. Comes with remote control and adjustable directional flow. Model No. AM1202R.

Vacmaster Air Mover Trade Set



Pack of 3, 240V, 124W energy efficient air movers for rapid drying, cooling and ventilating.