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Wet & Dry Vacuums - Power Take Off (PTO) Feature Explained

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So, you’ve been searching for a wet and dry vacuum cleaner and have come across the term ‘Power Take Off’ or ‘PTO’ for short. What does it mean and do you need it? 


What is Power Take Off (PTO)? 

The Power Take Off (PTO) feature is a plug socket, usually found on the front or top of the wet and dry vacuum cleaner, that synchronises the operation of the vacuum cleaner with your power tool.  

So, when you switch on the power tool you are using, the vacuum will automatically switch on too. 

The PTO feature usually has a delayed shut-off to ensure that the suction hose is completely empty before the vacuum is powered off – this is usually around 5-10 seconds.   


Do I need it? 

The Power Take Off (PTO) socket is especially useful if you want to extract dust directly into the vacuum cleaner as you sand, drill or saw.  

It’s ideal for those renovating their house, for tackling DIY projects and for use in a workshop environment. 

Simply plug the power tool into the PTO socket and connect the vacuum’s suction hose to the dust extraction port on the power tool to directly extract dust as you work. 

It is always best practice to connect a dust extractor to your power tools to reduce the amount of potentially harmful particles in the air whilst you work. 

If you are working with potentially harmful dusts, for example on a building site, it is worth considering industrial L Class or M Class Dust Extractors. 


What are the benefits?

Less mess as you work 

Save time cleaning up 

Remove the need to bend down to operate the vacuum.

Reduce the amount of potentially harmful dust in the air.

No need for an additional plug socket.


    Useful buying tips 

    Make sure that the wet and dry vacuum cleaner is suitable for your intended use.   

    Make sure that the PTO socket is compatible with the wattage of your power tools.

    Make sure you have the correct adaptor when connecting the vacuum’s suction hose to your power tool. All Vacmaster PTO models come supplied with a power tool adapter included in the box.

    Decide if you want to capture the dust in a bag for mess-free emptying.