Vacmaster WD L20 L Class Wet & Dry Dust Extractor

£129.99 VK1620SWC-01L

240V, L Class Dust Extractor. 1600W Twin Fan Bypass Motor. 20 Litre industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner with Power Take Off and Dual HEPA 13 filtration. Model No. VK1620SWC-01L.


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The Vacmaster WD L20 has been independently certified as an L-Class dust extractor designed for the safe collection of light hazardous dusts, including soft woods, gypsum, plasterboard and Corian. Tested for the reliable extraction of lower-toxicity dust particles in workplaces that have a dust exposure limit (WEL) greater than 1 milligram per cubic metre. The WD L20 is equipped with a powerful 1600W twin-fan bypass motor that generates 260 Air Watts of suction power. And with a dual HEPA filtration system that includes a HEPA 13 cartridge filter and exhaust filter, 99.95% of harmful dust and allergen particles are removed from the vacuum’s air stream. Designed for heavy duty use, the WD L20 is constructed with a compact 20 Litre stainless-steel collection tank, stainless steel extension tubes and air flow control handle, while the 3.5m crush resistant suction hose and a toughened PVC 5m cable provide a working reach of approx. 9.5m. Model No. VK1620SWC-01L


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1. L-Class Dust Extraction

Independently tested as Class L for the collection of light hazardous dusts, including soft woods, gypsum, plasterboard and Corian. Effective and reliable extraction that is suitable for lower-toxicity dusts with a workplace exposure limit (WEL) of greater than 1 mg/m3.

2. Certified Dual HEPA 13 Filtration

Fitted with 2 stage HEPA filtration. Featuring a HEPA 13 cartridge filter and a HEPA 13 post-motor exhaust filter to protect against harmful dust particles recirculating into the ambient air. Capturing at least 99.95% of dust and allergen particles, down to 0.3 microns. A washable pre-filter is also included to pro-long the lifespan of the cartridge filter.

3. 1600-Watt Twin Fan Bypass Motor

Vacmaster WD L20 is powered by a 1600-watt twin fan bypass motor that delivers an impressive 260 Air Watts of suction power. Generating a max airflow of 52 L/s and 27 kpa vacuum pressure.

4. Power Take Off

1390W power take-off socket. Plug in your power tool and connect up the suction hose to start extracting dust as you sand or drill. Operate the vacuum from the power switch on your tool.

5. Pre-Filter Included

Supplied with a washable pre-filter to help extend the life of the HEPA cartridge filter by capturing larger dust particles from the airflow and preventing blockages ensuring a consistent airflow is maintained.

6. On-Board Accessory Storage

All accessories supplied with the WD L20 can be stored on the unit to ensure they are always conveniently to hand during storage or operation

technical details

Model Number


Power Supply

Corded 220 - 240V

Motor Power


Motor Type

Twin Fan

Tank Size


Tank Material

Stainless Steel

Power Take Off


Max Airflow

52 L/sec

Max Vacuum Pressure

27 kPa

Air Watts

260 AW

Suction Tubes

Stainless Steel

Handle with Airflow Control


Blower Function


Hose Length


Hose Type

Crush Resistant

Hose Connection


Connection Diameter


Cord Length


Working Reach

Approx 9.5m

Dimensions (Complete Unit)

H 54cm x W 39cm x D 44cm




1 Year Commercial Use

Instruction Manual


Vacmaster WD L20 Wet & Dry Dust Extractor
Vacmaster WD L20 Wet & Dry Dust Extractor

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