Vacmaster Multi 20 PTO Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

£69.99 VQ1220PFC-01

The Vacmaster Multi 20 wet and dry vacuum cleaner with power take off is an efficient multi-purpose vacuum cleaner built to tackle tough jobs around the house, garage, car or workshop. Model No. VQ1220PFC-01.

Auto Express Best Buy Award (Best Car Vacuum Cleaners 2023)


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Engineered for maximum extraction of dirt, dust, sludge or water, it offers a multi-functional cleaning solution for your garage, workshop, car or home without compromising on suction. With the addition of an on-board power socket, you can also connect up power tools and extract dust as you're working. Use it to capture everything from dust, to rubble, to gloopy water blocking a sink. With this Vacmaster you can even switch the hose to blow instead of suck to make sweeping quick and easy. All this technology combined makes this Vacmaster wet and dry vacuum cleaner an essential tool for any DIY enthusiast. Product code: VQ1220PFC-01 

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1250W Bypass Motor

The Vacmaster® Multi 20 PTO is powered by a 1250W bypass motor that delivers 200 Air Watts of suction power. Generating a maximum airflow of 50 L/s and 18 kpa of vacuum pressure. The Bypass motor independently streams air to cool the motor and power the vacuum. Delivering a more efficient machine with higher performance.

1740W Power Take Off Socket

1740W power take-off socket synchronises the operation of the vacuum cleaner and power tool together to allow you to extract dust as you sand or drill. Plug in a power tool and connect the suction hose to the dust extraction port on the tool. The vacuum cleaner will automatically turn on remotely when the power tool is turned on and off accordingly.

Wet or Dry Extraction

Vacuum large volumes of wet or dry debris. Fit the included cartridge filter and optional dust bag (included) to capture dry debris. Switch to the foam filter to extract liquids.

20L Impact Resistant Collection Tank

Tough and durable 20 Litre impact resistant collection tank. Lightweight and compact the wet & dry vacuum can fit underneath a workbench. The carry handle and wide stance caster make light work of transporting.

Blower Port

Turn your vacuum cleaner into a powerful blower by connecting your suction hose to the exhaust port. Not only can you use the blower function to move leaves from the garden or gutter, but it can also be used to blow up a paddling pool or airbed.

Auto Express Best Buy award for Vacmaster Multi 20 wet & dry vacuum

Effortlessly Cleans Cars

The Multi 20 PTO effortlessly cleans all areas of your car’s interior, including the footwells, under the seats and in the car boot. It does this so well, that we’ve even won an Auto Express Best Buy Award .

technical details

Model Number


Power Supply

Corded 220 - 240V

Motor Power


Motor Type

Single Fan Bypass Motor

Tank Size


Tank Material

Impact Resistant Polymer

Power Take Off

Yes ( UK 1740W/ EU 2430W)

Max Airflow

50 L/sec

Max Vacuum Pressure

18 kPa

Air Watts

200 AW

Suction Tubes

3 Plastic Tubes

Handle with Airflow Control


Blower Function


Hose Length


Hose Type

Standard Flexible

Hose Connection


Connection Diameter


Cord Length


Working Reach

Approx 7.5m

Dimensions (Complete Unit)

H 51cm x W 31cm x D 31cm




2-Year Domestic Use

Instruction Manual


Vacmaster Multi 20 PTO Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Vacmaster Multi 20 PTO Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

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