Vacmaster Air mover Fan Dryer from Cleva UK - AM1202

Vacmaster Air Mover



The Vacmaster Air Mover is a highly efficient, portable fan. Circulates air rapidly for drying, cooling and ventilating large areas, fast. Product No. AM1202.

Vacmaster Air Mover Trade Set Pack by Cleva UK - AM1202

Vacmaster Air Mover Trade Set



Pack of 3, 240V, 124W energy efficient air movers for rapid drying, cooling and ventilating.

Why choose an Air Mover 

Air Movers are a group of fans that circulate large volumes of air rapidly to speed up water evaporation. Designed for the building trade they have also been adopted by homeowners and fitness enthusiasts, for their effectiveness at drying and cooling large areas, fast. Increasing ambient air flow is proven to be more effective than heat alone at reducing drying times. Air Movers offer an effective and economical alternative to using heaters to dry wet carpets, plaster, screed, concrete or paint. And because they don't rely on heat, there’s no risk of warping, cracking or blistering. Look for models that include an integrated extension socket, so you can daisy chain up to 12 Air Movers from a single wall socket, for extreme cooling and drying.

The Vacmaster Range

Shop Vacmaster® by Cleva. Manufacturer of over 40 million appliances worldwide. Alongside our highly rated air mover fans, the Vacmaster® range also includes M-Class and L-Class dust extractor vacuum cleaners, cylinder and upright vacuum cleaners. Buy direct and browse our latest product range, access detailed specification information, and use the insights from the team that design and make the products to choose the best air mover fan for your needs. We offer free UK delivery, great customer service and you'll get additional peace of mind with our manufacturer's guarantee.