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Robot Mower - 3 Step Winter Maintenance for the LawnMaster® L10 and L12 Mowers

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LawnMaster L10 Robot Mower control panel

As the nights are drawing in and the weather has taken a cold turn, the grass has slowed down and it’s time to think about bringing your robotic lawn mower indoors for the winter.

Bringing your robot mower indoors protects it from any potential damage by frost and is a chance to perform some routine mower maintenance. Turn your robot mower off at the switch underneath, find your gardening gloves, a soft brush, and a cross head screwdriver, and let’s get started. 


    Both the L10 and L12 robot mower are IPX5 rated, meaning they can withstand a low-pressure stream of water. If you wish, you can clean your mower down more easily by pre-wetting any dried-on grass using a hose pipe, then pop your mower upside down onto a work surface covered with a soft cloth. Using a soft brush, clean away any grass and other debris that has collected under the deck and around the cutting plate.



      Blades that are pitted and worn will not leave a good quality cut on the lawn surface. Ragged cuts lead to browning on the edges of grass blades. This has an overall negative affect on the appearance of the lawn. For the best quality cut and greenest looking lawn, consider changing your blades now for your L10 / L12 to be ready to go straight out in spring. Replace all blades at the same time to preserve balance. You can buy your replacement blades here.



        Updating the firmware ensures that your mower always has the latest features and most reliable performance.

        To update the firmware, first copy the firmware file onto an empty USB stick. The firmware file can be downloaded by visiting our LawnMaster L10 Firmware page.

        Make sure that your mower has plenty of battery life. It’s best to perform the robot mower software update before the mower has gone out to cut, or at least 1hr after it has finished for the day.

        Remove the battery cover using a cross-head screwdriver. Turn on the lawnmower at the switch. The mower will beep twice. Insert the USB drive and listen for four beeps, then wait several minutes until continuous beeping is heard. The firmware is now updated.

        Tip: We recommend that you fully charge the battery before switching your mower off at the main switch and storing it away for winter.

        Now you can store your robot mower in a frost-free garage or shed, ready for spring. Your base station can stay in-situ and turned off at the wall socket or can be lifted and stored along with your mower.