LawnMaster Hover Mower 33cm

£69.99 MEH1533M-01

Powerful 1500W LawnMaster electric hover mower with 33cm cutting width. This light and easy to use mulching lawn mower floats on a cushion of air making it easy to manoeuvre in any direction. Its foam comfort handles fold down for easy storage. Model No. MEH1533M.


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The LawnMaster 1500W, 33cm electric hover mower floats on a cushion of air making it lightweight and easy to manoeuvre in any direction. A mulching mower; it cuts the grass, recirculates it through the blade and returns small pieces onto the lawn surface to act as a nutrient for your grass. Saving you the hassle of disposing of the clippings at the same time. The mower's blade is reversible and sharpened on both sides - doubling its lifespan. Cutting height can be adjusted from 12 - 33mm by adding or removing spacers with the plastic spanner provided. The spanner also doubles up as scraper for cleaning the underside of the mower deck. Featuring foam covered handles for added comfort. These fold neatly down over the body of the lawnmower for compact storage. The mower is light enough to hang on a wall in the shed or folds down neatly for storing on the floor.  A central carry handle makes it easy to move the mower around the garden and in and out of tight spaces. Comes with integrated cable storage hooks. MEH1533M-01

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1. Powerful 1500W Motor

High power to weight ratio provides excellent hover performance and cutting on tough lawns.

2. Hover Versatility

Floats on a cushion of air for 360 degree movement and cutting side to side. Easily mow around curves, corners and along gentle slopes.

3. Mulching action with reversible blade

Grass clippings are mulched and returned to the surface of the lawn to act as a nutrient. The blade is sharpened on both sides and is reversible for double the blade life.

4. Ergonomic handles

Foam covered handles and dual switch levers provide comfort while mowing.

5. Compact storage

Light enough to hang on a wall in the shed or folds down to a compact size for storing on the floor.

6. Carry handle

Central carry handle makes it easy to move the mower around the garden, and in and out of storage.

technical details

Model Number


Power Supply

220 - 240V Electric

Motor Power


Cord Length


Cutting Width

33 cm



Cut Height Settings (mm)






Plug Type

UK 3 Pin 240V

MX 24V Shared Battery System



2 Year Domestic Use Only

Instruction Manual


LawnMaster Hover Mower 33cm
LawnMaster Hover Mower 33cm

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