Capture and trap 99.9% of common household dust and allergens with the Vacmaster AllergenPro™ Range.

Designed for families sensitive to allergens and pet owners, our next generation AllergenPro™ range traps 99.9% of household dirt and allergens.*
*According to EN 60312-1 at 0.3 to 10 microns.

Vacmaster Respira®

Vacmaster Captura®

Cleva Europe Limited will donate 2% of the sale price to Dogs Trust (Registered Charity Numbers 227523 & SC037843) for every UK sale of Vacmaster Respira, Vacmaster Respira Pet, Vacmaster Captura and Vacmaster Captura Pet sold through

Vacmaster AllergenPro Respira and Respira Lift Off upright vacuum cleaners Vacmaster AllergenPro Respira and Respira Lift Off upright vacuum cleaners

Core Technologies

Packed with new technology, the AllergenPro range comes with a sealed dust management system, high grade HEPA filter and more.

Vacmaster AllergenPro range of vacuum cleaners Dust Management System Mob

AllergenPro™ Dust Management System

HEPA 13 filters capture microscopic dust from around your home and seal in 99.9% of dirt and allergens.

Vacmaster AllergenPro Respira and Captura Vacuum Cleaners WrapFree Brush Roll Technology mob

WrapFree™ Brush Roll

Trapped hair is continually cut and removed from the brush roll as you vacuum.

Vacmaster AllergenPro vacuum cleaner range Dual Motor

Vacmaster Dual Motor

Powers the vacuum and the WrapFree™ brush roll independently, so there’s no drop in suction when you turn the brush roll on.

Allergens Matter

Most vacuum cleaners only pick up what you can see. The AllergenPro range sees the unseen, traps it and can dispose of it no fuss, no mess. Once it's gone, it's gone. 

Master Any Mess with the Vacmaster AllergenPro range.

Buy Vacmaster® products directly from the manufacturer, Cleva. Manufacturer of over 65 million appliances worldwide.

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