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Are bagged vacuum cleaners best for allergen sufferers?

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Bagged vacuum cleaners have been used by UK households for generations. Indeed, who doesn’t remember their parents and their grandparents before them trusting them for their weekly cleaning routine.

Whilst some have now shifted towards cyclonic vacuum cleaners, bagged vacuum cleaners still have a place in UK hearts and minds, and a loyal following. And none more so than from families sensitive to allergens and pet owners who rely on them for a deep clean.

Here’s why bagged vacuum cleaners are often considered best for allergen sufferers:


Reduced contact with dust and dirt on emptying

The main benefit of bagged vacuum cleaners for allergen sufferers is that they help to reduce contact with the captured dust and dirt on emptying when compared to cyclonic models.

This is because bagged vacuum cleaners trap the dust and dirt in a bag, locking it away and preventing it from escaping on emptying, otherwise known as a ‘dust plume’, which can reintroduce the dust and dirt into the home.

Modern bagged vacuums, like the Vacmaster Captura™, have taken this one-step further by providing a hands-free bag drop experience, removing the need to even touch the bag.


Less time cleaning dirty filters

All vacuum cleaners use filters to trap dust and dirt, with HEPA filters being considered best for allergen sufferers. These filters get dirty over time and need regular cleaning and/or replacing to maximise performance over time.

The dust bags in bagged vacuum cleaners act as a pre-filter, reducing the amount of dust and dirt being captured by these filters, keeping them cleaner for longer and reducing the associated maintenance time and cost.

The Vacmaster Captura® comes supplied with 5-layered ultra-filtration dust bags and a high-grade HEPA 13 filter to capture the dust and dirt.


Increased control over when to change the bag

A common complaint of bagged vacuum cleaners of the past was around when to change the bag, with many leaving the bags full for far too long, resulting in a dip in performance.

Features like LED bag fill indicators provide reassurance around the levels of dust and dirt being captured and increased control over when to change the bag to prevent this.

In addition to this, the Vacmaster Captura® also features ActiveFlow™ technology which maximises airflow around the 5-layer ultra-filtration bag maximising suction performance as the bag fills.      


We encourage you to look at the Vacmaster Captura®. Our next generation bagged vacuum cleaner designed for families sensitive to allergens and pet owners.