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Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner: Is your Power Tool Compatible with the Power Take Off (PTO) Socket

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Some wet and dry vacuums cleaners, like the Vacmaster® Power 30, come with a handy Power Take Off (PTO) socket that synchronises the power switch of the vacuum with the power switch on your corded power tool. So that when you switch your sander, drill or saw on, the vacuum cleaner automatically switches on too.  

When you use the Power Take Off (PTO) feature on your vacuum cleaner, it is important to make sure that the wattage of your chosen power tool is compatible with the vacuum cleaner wattage.  

When power tools are attached to the vacuum cleaner, the combined wattage of both the tool and vacuum travels through the fuse in the plug. If the combined wattage exceeds the maximum combined power allowed, it could damage one or both machines.  

To work out the maximum power allowed, multiply the voltage of the vacuum cleaner by the number of amps in the fuse. For example: 


240V (voltage of vacuum cleaner) x 13Amp (Fuse in the plug) = 3120 Watts 
110V (voltage of vacuum cleaner used on sites) x 16Amp = 1760 Watts 


This calculation provides the safe maximum wattage. 

To understand if the power tool is compatible, simply add the wattage of the vacuum and power tool together and make sure that this is less than the safe maximum wattage.  

Pro tip: The wattage of the individual tools and machines will usually be available in the instruction manual and/or on the rating label on the back of the product if you aren’t sure what it is.  

If you have any questions, get in touch. We’d be happy to help.