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How to dispose of a Christmas tree

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There is nothing quite like a real Christmas tree. The shape, colour and the aroma it releases all evoke Christmas. However, they can be tricky to dispose of after the big day.

Here’s some tips for disposing of a real Christmas tree:

Place a sheet underneath the Christmas tree

As real Christmas trees age, they dry out making them more brittle and prone to dropping pine needles.

Prior to removing any decorations from the tree, it is worth trying to put an old sheet underneath the tree to capture this debris.

Carefully remove and pack away your Christmas decorations

If they are looked after, Christmas decorations can last for many years. 

Carefully remove baubles and other precious decorations from the Christmas tree, wiping them free of any surface dirt and lightly wrapping them in tissue paper to keep them dry and damage-free.

When taking down Christmas lights, safely remove any batteries and consider using cable ties to prevent any cables getting tangled.

Always pack your decorations in a suitable air-tight container, with the heavier items towards the bottom. And consider a storage container with handles and/or wheels to make it easier to transport. 

Lift the Christmas tree out of its stand and take it outside

Once the Christmas tree is free of decorations, it’s time to lift it out of its stand.

If you want to try and contain more of the debris, consider wrapping the sheet you are using around the Christmas tree at this point. This will also protect you from any sharp branches when you are moving the tree.

You’re now ready to take the Christmas tree outside and lay it on its side. It’s worth getting help from others to do this safely.

Cut the Christmas tree into pieces for easier disposal

Depending on how big the Christmas tree is, you may need to cut it down in size for disposal.

You have options here. You can either use a chainsaw, like the compact LawnMaster 24V cordless chainsaw, to quickly and easily cut the Christmas tree into pieces. Or you can use a set of secateurs to remove the branches and then use a garden shredder to compact the waste for easy disposal.

Either way, always dispose of the Christmas tree in a responsible way. We recommend taking it to your local waste recycling centre or adding it to your compost heap.

Thoroughly vacuum the area

Now you’ve disposed of the Christmas tree, it’s time to clean up any fallen debris.

Whilst this can be done with a dustpan and brush or your household vacuum, we recommend investing in a wet and dry vacuum for this type of dirt. This heavier duty mess can clog a standard household vacuum.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners, like the Vacmaster Multi 20 wet and dry vacuum, are highly versatile. As the name suggests, they collect both wet and dry dirt, meaning that they can be used both inside and outside the home. Great for collecting fallen debris from a Christmas tree.

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