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Dust Extractors - Push Clean Filter (PCF) System Explained

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Vacmaster push clean filter system being engaged

Wet and dry dust extractors, like those from the Vacmaster L & M class range, are carefully designed to cope with the rigours of a busy construction site. 

It is important when choosing the best dust extractor for your needs that you understand the filtration system it uses, and importantly, how to clean and maintain the filters within it to preserve the vacuum cleaner’s performance over time. 


Understanding the filtration system of your dust extractor 


Most industrial wet and dry vacuums use a series of high-efficiency particulate air filters, otherwise known as HEPA filters, to trap fine dust and dirt inside the vacuum cleaner. 

These HEPA filters are graded based on their filtering capability. The higher the grade, the better the level of filtration.  

For example, the popular Vacmaster WD L30 PCF, which has been independently-certified for the safe extraction of lower toxicity (L Class) dusts, includes a high-grade HEPA 13 cartridge filter to trap 99.95% of fine dust and allergens. 

It is critical that these filters are regularly cleaned and maintained to prevent clogging and a drop in suction power.  


How to use a Push Clean Filter (PCF) System 


Push Clean Filter (PCF) Systems, like the one used on the Vacmaster WD M38 PCF, enable you to quickly and easily clean the filtration system during operation. Preventing clogged filters and maintaining a consistent, high suction power. 

If used correctly, the Vacmaster PCF System can achieve up to 93.80% recovery rate on air flow litre per second* 

Vacmaster M Class vacuum cleaners have a handy airflow warning indicator showing when to use the PCF System to clean the filter and restore suction power. 

To use this function, simply connect the vacuum’s suction hose to the PCF port on the vacuum cleaner. Then switch on the vacuum and push it in 2-3 times, for a few seconds each time, to activate the cleaning process.  

The Vacmaster PCF System works to reverse the airflow within the vacuum, diverting airflow typically passing through the exhaust port, backwards through the filter cage and outwards through the filter. Removing trapped dust and dirt from the filter and transferring it into the collection tank for disposal. 


The benefits of a PCF System on a Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner 


The Push Clean Filter (PCF) System allows you to quickly and easily clean the filters within your wet and dry vacuum cleaner during operation. Preventing clogged filters and maintaining a consistent, high suction power. 

It provides the following benefits:  

Saving time and mess – by not having to remove and handle the filters and containing the dust and dirt in the vacuum cleaner. 

Preventing damage – reducing the need to remove filters as often. They should still be removed periodically for washing. 

Improving performance – preventing clogged filters and maintaining a consistent, high suction power. 

Increased cleaning frequency – as it’s hassle free to do 

Reduced cost – reduce the frequency of replacing filters  


All Vacmaster dust extractors with the Push Clean Filter System have ‘PCF’ in the product name. 

If you have any questions about the Push Clean Filter System on your dust extractor, get in touch. We’re happy to help. 


*Based on internal testing using Vacmaster WD L30 PCF VDK1430SFC-01.