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Cleva launches its Vacmaster AllergenPro™ Range in the UK

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Cleva has launched its new Vacmaster branded AllergenPro™ range in the UK, supported by a national TV advertising campaign.

Targeted at families sensitive to allergens and pet owners, the Vacmaster AllergenPro™ range has been designed around a high-level filtration system that traps 99.9% of household dirt and allergens, including pollen, mould and bacteria*

The range launched with two corded upright models, the bagless Vacmaster Respira® and the bagged Vacmaster Captura®, both available as pet variants. Other models will be added to the range in 2022.

All models in the range feature Cleva’s ‘AllergenPro™ Sealed Dust Management System’, which incorporates one of the highest tiers of HEPA filtration - HEPA 13, a clever WrapFree™ brush roll that continuously cuts hair free from the brush roll and the Vacmaster dual motor. Pet variants also feature Vacmaster’s Pet Mate attachment.

Anthony Stocker, Sales Director at Cleva said: “With more people working from home and an increase in pet ownership there is an inevitable increase in dust and other allergens around the home. Many of us have family members sensitive to allergens, so it’s increasingly important that we maintain good cleaning practices and investing in the right vacuum cleaner can make all the difference”.

The bagless Vacmaster Respira® has been designed for when allergens matter. In addition to the Sealed Dust Management System, this full-sized cyclonic vacuum, also has LED task lights to highlight dust that might otherwise be missed. An all-floor cleaning head and some useful extras, such as a long 3m extendable hose, 3-in-1 attachment and swivel steering, all help to make cleaning the whole home that bit easier.

For when allergens matter more, there is the bagged Vacmaster Captura®. The company claim that using a dust bag is still the most hygienic way to clean, as there’s less chance of dust being re-released back into the air when emptying and the vacuum itself remains cleaner over its lifetime.  What’s more, this family-sized vacuum comes with 5-layer ultra-filtration dust bags that self-seal and features a hands-free BagDrop™ release button to further minimise any contact with dust.

A TruView bag fill indicator and AirFlow technology also work to maximise suction as the bag fills. Rarely found on bagged cleaners in the UK, the Vacmaster Captura® also converts to a portable handheld for cleaning stairs and up high with its Lift Off technology. As with the Vacmaster Respira®, it also comes with an all-floor cleaning head. All in all, Cleva has taken the tried and tested bagged vacuum and redeveloped it for our hygiene-conscious times.

Stocker continued: “Cleva prides itself on delivering high-quality products with exceptional performance and durability. Both the Vacmaster Respira® and Vacmaster Captura® have an excellent specification and represent fantastic value for money. We’re excited to see how UK customers react to these products and look forward to growing the range in the coming months.”

*According to EN60312-1 from 0.3 to 10 microns.