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Find out how to maintain your wet and dry vacuum cleaners with our handy how-to videos on our dedicated Vacmaster YouTube support channel. 

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How To Attach The Carpet and Artificial Grass Tool To Your Vacmaster® Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

How To Change The Cartridge Filter In Your Vacmaster® Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaner

How To Clean The Cartridge Filter In Your Vacmaster® Wet & Dry Vacuum

How To Fit A Foam Filter In Your Vacmaster® Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaner

How To Fit A Dust Bag In Your Vacmaster® Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

How To Check Your Float Valve In Your Vacmaster® Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner



Step-by-step guide to choosing, fitting and using the correct filters for both wet and dry cleaning tasks. 

How to Guide - Setting up your Vacmaster for Wet or Dry Suction

Self-help Guides


The most likely cause for a loss in suction is a blockage somewhere in the vacuum cleaner. A restriction of airflow anywhere from the nozzle end of the vacuum up to and including the exit port can reduce performance. 

Follow our step by step video to guide you through how to identify and remove a blockage:

How to unblock Vacmaster Wet and Dry Vacuum Video

Discontinued Products

Instruction Manuals - Discontinued Products

The following products are no longer available. Related consumables can be found on our website in the discontinued accessories page. For any parts not listed please contact the telephone helpline on 0191 654 0036.

Vacmaster D 10 | CDM0610P
Vacmaster Multi 20 | VQ1220PF
Vacmaster Quiet 20 PTO | VK1520SIWC
Vacmaster Quiet 50 | VK1650SWD
Vacmaster Quiet 30 PTO | VK1530SIWDC-T
Vacmaster Commercial HEPA 15 | VF1515HJ
Vacmaster Multi 15 | VQ1115P
Vacmaster Power 30 Fire Clean | VQ1530SFDC+12AD
Cleva Joey 14V | VSA1402UK
Cleva Joey 18V | VSA1802UK
Cleva Joey 21.6V Touch | VSA2110UK

Safety Notice

A safety notice was sent out to customers of the VSA1802UK and VSA2110UK in February 2019. If you have not received or responded to this notice please contact us. 

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