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LawnMaster Robot Mower VBRM

About this product

This robot mower does not require a boundary wire and works on a “drop and go” basis, provided that the lawn meets the following requirements:

  • - it is a smaller lawn of less than 100m2
  • - that is surrounded by either a flat border at least 35cm wide (e.g. paving, gravel or wooden boards)
  • - or has a raised edge at least 6cm high (e.g. log roll, sleepers, brick walls or fences)
These types of edges keep the mower within the lawn area. Flower borders with a drop off and/or overhanging plants are not recommended for this product.


The mower is powered by our MX 24V battery - the same battery that was supplied with your 24V LawnMaster mower - and is designed to be put out on the lawn to mow once or twice a week. It will mow in a semi-random pattern until the battery runs out of charge. A spot cut function is also available for cutting specific areas.

The testing process – what’s involved

We ask that you take delivery of the mower and use it as you would any other product you had bought for yourself. The mower will come with full instructions, and we will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. The mower will be supplied without a battery, therefore the battery from your previously purchased 24V mower should be used. We ask you to use the robot mower as your main mower throughout the rest of the mowing season (usually until the end of October). If you encounter any unexpected issues that prevent you from using the mower, we ask that you get in touch.

At the end of testing, we’ll ask you to fill out a questionnaire and perhaps follow up with a phone call. If you like the product and want to keep it, this is great news. All we ask is that you let us know if you experience any issues during your ‘real-life’ ownership.

If you’d like to be considered as a tester for this product, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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