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LawnMaster 1500W 33cm Electric Hover Mower Collect & Grass Trimmer

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Learn how to set up and use your garden set with instruction manuals, user guides and FAQs.

1500W 33cm Electric Hover Collect Trimmer LawnMaster MEH1533 COMBO Spares
  • 01 Setting Up - Hover Mower
  • 02 Setting Up - Grass Trimmer
  • 03 Maintenance
  • 04 Technical Specifications
  • 05 Accessories
  • 06 Spare Parts


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01 When should I use the mulching function on my lawn mower?
  • 02 How do change the hover mower from collecting grass to mulching?
  • 03 How do I change the cutting height of my hover mower?
  • 04 Why is my hover mower vibrating excessively?
  • 05 My hover mower motor is labouring, why?
  • 06 Why is my grass trimmer not working at full power?
  • 07 Why is my trimmer making a loud noise?
  • 08 The trimmer isn't cutting very well. Why?


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