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Latest Updates:


MayLawnMaster® 60V 46cm Cordless Lawnmower Support - Model CLMFR6046A 

Newly revised 2022 Instruction Manual with improved trouble shooting and maintenance instructions.

Download 2022 Manual Download 2022 Manual


April - LawnMaster® L10 Robot Mower Spring 2022 Maintenance Video and Update

Get your LawnMaster® L10 Robot Mower ready for Spring/Summer with this helpful video explaining how to clean your robot; change the blades and install the latest firmware.

Buy replacement blades >

Download Firmware Download Firmware


L10 Robot Mower Support:

Having problems?

Here are some quick checks to make sure your mower is set up correctly:

Check that:
  1. The boundary wire ends are not stripped too thin - leave plenty of wire core to connect to the terminals

  2. The boundary wire ends are in the right terminals - wire running under the charging station plate to BLACK and wire running away from the charging station to RED

  3. The charging station is oriented so that the terminals are on the left and open end on right (as viewed from the centre of the lawn)

  4. There are no kinks, doubling back, loops or irregular angles along the boundary wire - remember that the robot will follow the exact path of the wire to return home to charge

  5. The wire is straight for 1 metre in front of and behind the charging station and that it is in line with the charging station, or the mower may fail to dock or crash into the charging station

  6. All connectors used in repairing or connecting extra lengths of boundary wire must be of the type supplied in the box (no chocbox connectors) and they should be fully clamped shut with pliers


If you're still having problems you can save time by using our handy self-help guide to troubleshoot your set-up and any identify and fix mower issues by clicking the link below. If the information in the guide does not help, fill out your details at the end of the guide and our customer services staff will call you as soon as possible.



Getting started with the L10 Robot Mower

Click on the images below to learn how to set up and use your new LawnMaster L10 Robot Mower with our quick start guide and video. Expect set up to take just over an hour and remember that you only have to do this once before you can sit back and watch it go!

Lawnmaster L10 Robot Mower Set Up Video LawnMaster L10 Robot Mower Quick Start Guide
 Lawnmaster_Robotic_Mower_L10_Operating_Video Lawnmaster_L10_robotic_Mower_FAQs

Firmware Updates

For the best performance and latest features, keep your LawnMaster L10 firmware up to date. Visit our L10 Firmware page for instructions on how to download the latest release.

Or download the latest firmware now: Download Firmware Download Firmware

Instruction Manuals:

For your safety it's important that you read and understand the set up and operating instructions supplied with your LawnMaster machine. Instruction manuals for all machines are available to download directly from the individual product listing pages here on our website. Just find your machine from the LawnMaster menu, click or tap to open your product's page and scroll down the page until you find the box that says 'Download Instruction Manual'. 

Spares Parts and Accessories:

LawnMaster spare parts and accessories are designed specifically to fit your LawnMaster lawnmower, robot mower or cordless garden tool. The parts that fit your specific machine are available to buy directly from the product page of the machine you own. Just find your machine from the LawnMaster menu, click or tap to open your product's page and then click on the 'spares available' link found just below the 'Add to Basket' button.

Alternatively, all available spare parts are listed on the LawnMaster Accessories page here.


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