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What are the benefits of a garden vacuum cleaner?

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Summer’s coming to an end and Autumn is here. A time when we reach for leaf blowers, garden rakes and brushes and the Autumn maintenance period begins in the garden. 

If you’ve not yet considered buying a garden vacuum cleaner, now’s the time. Here’s some reasons why: 


Save time 

Depending on the size of your garden, it can take several hours to keep outdoor surfaces free from dust, dirt and debris. A task that is repeated multiple times throughout the season. 

Garden vacuum cleaners are designed to speed up this cleaning process. Simply plug in the appliance, switch it on and away you go. 


Less physical 

Using a garden vacuum takes much less effort than raking or sweeping up in the garden. This makes it ideal for people who struggle with the physical side of cleaning their garden. 

If this is a consideration, consider an outdoor vacuum cleaner with castors. It can then be wheeled around during use. This is especially useful when using the cleaner to capture damp debris and water.  


Multi surface 

Many of us have a variety of outside surfaces to clean - including pathways, patios, artificial grass and decking. This results in multiple different cleaning tools, products and methods being needed.  

Garden vacuums are specifically designed to cope with the rigours of outdoor use. They can capture both wet and dry debris including soil, grass clippings, moss, weeds, dry part-decomposed leaves* etc. from all surface types.  

They can also be used to clean out paddling pools, hot tubs and ponds, storing the wastewater in the tank for quick and easy disposal. 

*Caution should be applied when cleaning freshly fallen damp leaves as they could clog the machine. 


Extended reach 

Like traditional household vacuum cleaners, most outdoor vacuum cleaners now come supplied with a range of attachments to extend their cleaning capability.  

The Vacmaster WD18 for example comes supplied with an innovative attachment with nylon bristles to clean artificial grass and astroturf, a blower function for gathering freshly fallen leaves, and also a brass brush tool that’s useful for removing moss and weeds from hard surfaces like paving. 



Wet & dry vacuum cleaners like this can also be used to capture excess water from pathways, patios and decking that would otherwise freeze over in the winter months – potentially causing damage. 


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