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Head to Head: Vacmaster D8 (VZA0708P) vs Henry (HVR 160)

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There’s no doubt about it, the Henry HVR 160 cylinder vacuum is iconic in the UK. With its bold colourway, smiley face, and versatility, it remains the vacuum cleaner of choice for many, whether that be for domestic or commercial use. But how does it compare to the Vacmaster D8? 

Utilising Cleva’s proven formula of ‘delivering high-performance products at affordable prices’, Cleva’s UK R&D team developed the Vacmaster D8 to better the specification of the Henry HVR 160 and to address many of the challenges Henry customers face during use. 

Did you know: The Vacmaster D8 features a WesselWerk manufactured floor nozzle like the Henry 160. Ideal for both carpets and hard floor cleaning. 

The below table summarises how the Vacmaster D8 (VZA0708P) compares to the Henry (HVR 160) in a head-to-head: 

Henry vs D8 Comparison Table

Where the Vacmaster D8 Wins  

Based on the above table, the Vacmaster D8 has a better specification than the Henry HVR 160 for many key attributes. Here's why they matter: 

Input Power: 

A 720W motor delivers 200 Air Watts of suction performance. Built to last and deliver powerful cleaning at home, work, commercial unit or on your DIY job. 

Large Capacity: 

The Vacmaster D8’s extra-large dust capacity means less time (and money!) is spent emptying dust bags. Ideal for those under time pressure. The fine filtration dust bags seal in the dust, making emptying hassle free with no dust cloud. 

Did you know: The Vacmaster D8 is supplied with 5 fine filtration dust bags. It is also compatible with the Henry HEPA Flow NVM-1CH dust bags. 


Designed to be light, robust and easy to transport, the Vacmaster D8 makes cleaning the stairs easy. 

Extra Large Foot Operated On/Off Switch 

Designed to improve the cleaning experience, the extra-large foot operated power switch reduces downtime and the need to bend up and down when operating the vacuum. 

Removable components, incl. HEPA 13 Exhaust Filter  

The Vacmaster D8 features a 4-stage filtration system, trapping 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner, whilst also extending the lifetime of the machine. The HEPA 13 exhaust filter can be quickly and simply removed, washed and replaced to extend its lifespan. 

Did you know: Many of the Vacmaster D8’s component parts can be replaced, extending the lifespan and improving the cost effectiveness of the product.  

Our friendly UK-based aftersales support team are on hand to provide troubleshooting, tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Vacmaster D8. With its 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and wide range of spares and accessories, if you need any help, simply contact us.  

Whilst the above table compares some of the key attributes of these products, we encourage you to visit the manufacturer’s website for the latest product information and pricing. 

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