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Do these three things to get a lush green lawn, naturally!

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Ever wondered how you can cut down on fertilisers and still get a lush green lawn? Follow our three tips to keep your lawn in tip-top condition.


long, lush grass

Surprisingly, the stereotypical ideal of a bowling green lawn is not actually a healthy lawn, for the grass or the environment. It takes enormous effort and can require many chemicals to keep it looking good. Grass that is cut too short, too often, loses the ability to regenerate the energy it needs to thrive overtime. It can also remove moisture from the soil too rapidly in the summer months. This scorches the grass and contributes to brown patches. A simple solution to prevent this from happening to your lawn, is to raise the cutting height of your mower.

Another reason many of us choose to cut our grass shorter, is to prolong the time between cuts. Advice for cultivating the best looking lawn is actually to cut twice a week, never removing more than a third of the grass length. But if you prefer a neat looking lawn every day a robotic mower might just be the thing for you. These little garden helpers can have a positive impact on the health and condition of your lawn. They cut little and often meaning the grass won’t look untidy between cuts, even when the cutting height is raised. Longer grass looks lusher, greener, is more able to out-compete moss and weeds, and will be less stressed and prone to drying out in the summer months.


Most lawnmower blades are not sharp but do a good enough job of cutting the lawn by tearing through the blades of grass with brute force. These tears in the tip of grass, though small, go brown quickly, leaving a less than ideal finish.

Sharpening the blade of your lawnmower cuts the grass properly instead of tearing it, preserving the lawn’s green appearance. Or with robotic mowers, they tend to have 3 sharp blades which neatly take the tips off the blades of grass for an optimum finish. While the blades are small, they easily keep on top of keeping the lawn looking neat.


Mulch Plug for Grass Clippings Onto Lawn

Mulching your grass clippings can have a significant impact on the amount of fertiliser needed to keep a lawn looking good. This reduces the need for additional fertilisers, although it may not be a bad idea to give the lawn a boost in early spring after a long winter without cutting.  Mulching also helps retain moisture in dry, hot weather, protecting the lawn from scorching. This is where robot mowers come up trumps again as the clippings they produce are so tiny that they can’t be seen with the naked eye, and dropping them back onto the lawn surface allows them to break down and release vital nutrients back to the soil constantly. 

We hope these tips for keeping your lawn looking good are helpful. A sharp blade, mulching the grass clippings now and again, and leaving the grass to grow a little longer are all advice that can still be followed when using a conventional mower. Otherwise investing in a decent robotic lawnmower does all the above and comes with the benefit of relaxation.