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Choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your floor type

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If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the choices available. Here we explore ways to narrow down your search – finding the best vacuum cleaner based on your floor type. 



Finding the right vacuum cleaner is essential for a home with carpets. We recommend choosing a cleaner with variable suction power to provide optimal suction levels depending on your carpet type and pile. High-suction power is useful for most high-traffic carpets, helping to remove ground-in dust and dirt. 

For everyday use, we recommend choosing an upright cleaner with a rotating brush, like our Vacmaster Joey. If your carpet is soft and easily damaged by rotating bristles, then we recommend using a suction-only cleaner to pick up dirt without causing damage. 


Hard Floors 

If your home has wooden or hard floors then you may not see the point in spending hard-earned money on a vacuum cleaner, instead opting for a dustpan and brush. But think again. The right vacuum cleaner, with a hard floor specific head, can leave your floors looking as good as new after every clean.   

Vacuum cleaners can often scatter debris on hard floors, rather than collect it. So, ensure you choose a cleaner with a variety of attachments to reach all the crevices in your flooring – like the Vacmaster Orson Complete. This vacuum cleaner comes with a soft nylon microfibre brush roll that optimises cleaning performance for hard floors. 


Multiple Floor Types 

Most households have a mixture of hard flooring and carpet. But don’t worry, the perfect vacuum cleaner for you is out there. Most vacuum cleaners nowadays are suitable for both surfaces.  

Some models, like the Vacmaster Orson Complete, come with different adapters, depending on the surface you want to clean. Always check if the cleaner is suitable for multiple surfaces prior to purchase. Also, double check if it comes with an adapter that must be changed when you switch floor type, or if one cleaning head is good for all. 



We all know the feeling of cleaning the dreaded staircase. However, having the right vacuum cleaner can make cleaning the staircase less of a chore.  

Go for a lightweight, cordless vacuum cleaner with a detachable handheld unit for an easy, unrestricted cleaning experience. Cordless cleaners can often do just as good of a job as corded but in half the time! When cleaning stairs, it’s worth looking for a motorised brush head on the handheld unit. This feature is great for removing ground in dust and dirt.  


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