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5 reasons to choose a cordless lawn mower over a petrol mower

The roar of a petrol lawnmower starting up is synonymous with the Summer season in Britain. It has been for generations.

But (like everything) time moves on and as public opinion moves against fossil-fuels and lawnmower technology advances, battery-powered lawnmowers are set to become the new kids on the block - offering many of the benefits of a petrol mower, but with greener credentials.  

If you’re looking for your next lawnmower, here’s 5 reasons to choose a cordless lawnmower, like the LawnMaster 60V MAX mower, over a petrol lawnmower:

Ease of Use

Petrol lawnmowers are large, cord-free, heavy-duty machines making them ideally suited for larger gardens over 800m2 with variable grass lengths. Often made of metal and with a pullcord start, they are noisy, heavy and can be prone to leaks, making them difficult to store and use and rendering them unwieldy for many. 

Cordless lawnmowers are typically constructed from heavy-duty plastic with brushless motors and as such are considerably lighter and quieter than their petrol counterparts. They are still cord-free and robust, but more nimble, easier to transport, store and use - especially for those who are older or with additional needs.


Petrol lawnmowers provide the cutting width, power and range needed to mow even the most challenging lawn. But they require the ability to access and store fuel safely at home, and in many cases the consistent level of power delivered is excessive and can lead to a loss of control - especially around pathways and borders.  

Larger battery-powered mowers provide a 46cm cutting width, comparable with their petrol counterparts. Many also have an intelligent power management system, automatically adapting the level of power provided to suit the mowing conditions and to maximise the run time. If mowing time is a concern, it is worth looking for a mower with a fast charger and the option to purchase spare batteries, offering almost unlimited run time.       


Petrol lawnmowers rely on a continuous supply of (often expensive) fuel to operate, and this needs to be transported and stored in a safe and secure way – limiting the risk of leaks. They also output harmful exhaust fumes that are bad for our health and the natural environment.

Using a lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides a greener alternative to petrol, removing harmful exhaust fumes from entering the air during every mow. But that is not to say that batteries are perfect, and they still need to be handled and used with care. There are robust laws in place to ensure the careful handling of batteries, with many waste disposal centres now providing the option to dispose of old batteries safely.    


Like all machinery, petrol lawnmowers need regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and to prolong the product life. From checking oil levels, to changing spark plugs, owners can often be seen wiping oil from their hands, frustrated as to why the mower won’t start (again!). Many manufacturers also recommend a regular service – adding additional cost and inconvenience. And, because petrol mowers are built to last, often the availability of parts is a problem as the mower gets older.

Cordless lawn mowers require much less cleaning and maintenance. They often come ready to use straight out of the box and have fewer component parts that could go wrong. The main task being to charge the battery after each use – but with a fast charger and access to a spare battery – this is made easy.     


As shown above, due to their nature, petrol mowers are often expensive to buy and run. They are an investment, much like a car. But, with usage habits and technology changing all the time, is it a good investment, especially if the resale market of petrol mowers drops off in the coming years.

Cordless mowers deliver comparable benefits to petrol mowers, but are often cheaper to buy, with fewer ongoing running costs.

If you like what you hear about cordless mowers, give them a go. You likely won’t go back.

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