• The Twelve Days of Christmas Mess

    Christmas is a time for celebration, spending time with family & friends, indulging and with any luck, relaxing. But all the celebrations can leave a big mess, not to mention all the preparation that goes into getting everything just right for the big day itself. Of course you'd rather spend more time enjoying the festive period and less time cleaning your way through it. We’ve put together a quick guide to dealing with the Twelve Days of Christ-mess (see what we did there?)


    The Cosy Log Fire

    With what feels like endless cold, dark nights at this time of year, the idea of cosying up in front of a wood or coal burning stove seems like bliss. But when the time comes to cleaning it out, it’s anything but! It can be a messy, time-consuming job. Our Vacmaster Ash Vacuum Cleaner, £29.88 is custom-built with this in mind. It has a heat resistant coating and powerful suction to make light work of removing dirty soot and ash from open fires and wood-burning stoves. After all, you wouldn’t expect Santa to make an appearance in an unkempt fireplace would you?

    The Christmas Tree

    There’s no smell quite like a real Christmas tree for getting you into the festive spirit, but cleaning up seemingly endless loose pine needles can quickly make it lose its charm. With everything else that there is to do and enjoy at this time of year, why spend more time vacuuming than is absolutely necessary? A cordless vacuum cleaner like our light-weight Cleva Joey, £84.96 can help you keep on top of any dropped needles. It’s ready to go at a moment’s notice and can have both hard and carpeted floors needle-free in a matter of minutes, leaving you time for the more important things.

    The Christmas Party

    Preparing to welcome guests into your home during the festive season means giving it a thorough clean. Whether you’re holding a party or having everyone round on Christmas Day, you want your home to look its best. From dusting the shelves to cleaning the carpets, a vacuum cleaner that can multi-task with you will be invaluable. Our best-selling Vacmaster Multi 20, £59.98 can do just that. Whether it’s cleaning up some spilt mulled wine, dusting the dado rail, blowing up the air bed, or simply just giving the place a quick once-over before your guests arrive. The Multi 20 can do it all.

    Vacmaster Wet and Dry Multi 20 Vacuum

    And Relax…

    You’ve prepped the turkey, wrapped the presents, decorated the tree and made sure your home is looking perfect. All that’s left to do now is put your feet up and enjoy the benefits of all the hard work you’ve put in, you deserve it! From all of us here at Cleva UK, have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

  • New Home Cleaning Essentials

    Moved in new home
    Moving into a new home can be an exciting, even daunting time. Whether you’re up-sizing, downsizing, buying your first home or branching out on your own for the first time in student digs, it’s essential to make it your own. Cleaning a new place is one of the first things most people do, so we’ve put together a list of the most important items you’ll need to get you feeling right at home, help you get great results, and kick-start that ‘clean slate’ feeling.

    All-purpose cleaning

    If you have just one product for cleaning your new home, make it an all-purpose cleaner. It's all in the name.

    The benefit of a hard-working all-purpose cleaner is that it offers great results across multiple surfaces and comes in a range of scents. It’s an invaluable product to have on hand when cleaning from room-to-room and is great on things like kitchen and bathroom counter tops, floors, sinks and tiles.

    Carpet Shampoo

    It’s an unpleasant thought, but if you move into a new home that isn’t newly built, then you can’t be sure what might have been dropped/trodden into the carpet before you got there. Giving the carpet a good clean is an ideal way not only to get a great smell throughout your home, but to ensure that it’s clean and safe for you and your family.

    To make the job a little easier, investing in a multi-tasking vacuum cleaner such as our best-selling Multi 20 wet & dry, (£59.98) which can extract liquid from your carpets, is worthwhile.

    Essential Tools

    One tool certainly does not fit all. This you'll know if you’ve ever tried to clean an entire shower with a toothbrush or dust a table with a sponge. (FYI, toothbrushes are unrivalled for jobs like scrubbing taps and grout and getting into drinks holders in cars.)

    Having a few different cleaning cloths in your kit will come in handy. They're ideal for using alongside multi-purpose cleaners and disinfectants for wiping down bathroom cabinets, glass, kitchen tops and mopping up spills. Microfibre cloths are perfect for dusty surfaces and smears.

    Vacuum Cleaner

    Your flooring is the largest surface in your home and probably one of the first to show up dirt, dust and grime. Having a good floor cleaning tool is essential. Regardless of the size of your home or the kind of flooring you have, you need your vacuum cleaner to work hard for you. Our range of Vacmaster vacuum cleaners not only have the ability to vacuum, but also to blow. They can extract liquid, unclog drains and work simultaneously with your power tools to clean up whilst you’re doing some essential DIY in your new home.

    To help you stay on top of day-to-day vacuuming of dust, crumbs and pet hair, our Cleva cordless vacuums are lightweight and easily accessible. They each have a detachable hand-held unit to help reach everywhere from picture frames to skirting boards with ease.

    Smelling Good

    Smell has a strong influence on the emotions we feel in our daily lives. Creating a comforting and relaxing atmosphere in our homes can make the difference between it feeling like a home or simply somewhere we live. Giving your new home a good clean is a great way to clear out any lingering odours left by previous occupants and get it smelling like ‘you’.

    For a lasting fragrance, choose fresh scented cleaning products. Burn a scented candle, put a few drops of essential oil into a vacuum cleaner bag or onto a light bulb, and even into a spray bottle diluted with water to scent the air and your linens.

    Hopefully our tips have helped you out. All that’s left to do now is to put your feet up after all of that hard work and enjoy your new home!

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