LawnMaster L10 Robotic Mower Support

Learn how to set up, maintain and troubleshoot the LawnMaster L10 robotic lawn mower. Here you'll find video guides, instruction manuals, firmware updates and more. 

Getting started with the L10 Robot Mower

Learn how to set up and use your new LawnMaster L10 Robot Mower with our quick start guide and video. Expect set up to take just over an hour and remember that you only have to do this once before you can sit back and watch it go!


Lawnmaster L10 Robot Mower Set Up Video LawnMaster L10 Robot Mower Quick Start Guide  Lawnmaster_Robotic_Mower_L10_Operating_Video

L10 Robot Mower Firmware Update

For the best performance and latest features, keep your LawnMaster L10 robot mower firmware up to date.

1.4 October 2022 Update

This latest update fixes a bug in scheduling on the 4-hour duration alternate mowing days function when the rain sensor is triggered, and includes all previous firmware updates.

Previous firmware updates:

1.3 May 2022 Update

This latest update fixes a bug in setting the 4-hour duration on the alternate mowing function, and includes all previous firmware updates.

1.2 Autumn Winter 2021

Includes a bug fix that prevents the mower from bumping into the charging station and includes firmware 1.0 update.

1.0 Winter 2020

This update makes it possible to change the mowing frequency to every other day. This is the best option for L10 owners with smaller lawns where cutting every day is just too frequent. It's also useful in early spring and late autumn when the grass grows more slowly and the weather is wetter.

 How To Install Firmware

  1. Download the software file above and save it to a blank USB flash drive/memory stick. Do not change the filename. The filename should show as randomMower.bin - if the file has downloaded with a (1) or (2) in the filename, please re-name the file when you save it.
  2. Make sure that the battery indicator is green and has sufficient charge to perform the software update. 
  3. Turn off the robot mower at the switch underneath and place it upside down on a clean, soft surface. Now is also a good time to perform any routine maintenance such as checking and replacing blades. 
  4. Using a cross-head screwdriver, remove the screws from the battery compartment in the deck of the mower. 
  5. Turn the mower back on at the switch and wait for two beeps. 
  6. Insert the USB flash drive and listen for 4 beeps. All time setting lights on the control panel will flash green. The program is installing. Do not remove the USB stick while the program is installing. This may result in damage to your mower.
  7. When the update is finished (this may take several minutes), the mower will beep continuously. The flash drive can now be removed. The mower will beep twice indicating that the software update is complete. 
  8. Replace the battery cover and screws. 

Instruction Manual PDF


Having Problems?

Here are some quick checks to make sure your mower is set up correctly:


Check that:

  1. The boundary wire ends are not stripped too thin - leave plenty of wire core to connect to the terminals

  2. The boundary wire ends are in the right terminals - wire running under the charging station plate to BLACK and wire running away from the charging station to RED

  3. The charging station is oriented so that the terminals are on the left and open end on right (as viewed from the centre of the lawn)

  4. There are no kinks, doubling back, loops or irregular angles along the boundary wire - remember that the robot will follow the exact path of the wire to return home to charge

  5. The wire is straight for 1 metre in front of and behind the charging station and that it is in line with the charging station, or the mower may fail to dock or crash into the charging station

  6. All connectors used in repairing or connecting extra lengths of boundary wire must be of the type supplied in the box (no chocbox connectors) and they should be fully clamped shut with pliers


If you're still having problems you can save time by using our handy self-help guide to troubleshoot your set-up and any identify and fix mower issues by clicking the link below. If the information in the guide does not help, fill out your details at the end of the guide and our customer services staff will call you as soon as possible.




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