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Cleva Household Technology

Our Cleva engineers have combined their expertise of developing high performance industrial vacuum cleaners and cordless outdoor power equipment to design a new generation of cordless vacuum cleaners.

Cleva High-efficiency Motor

Our impeller aluminium fan is small and light. It’s closed vane structure efficiently controls the direction of airflow so that less energy is used to generate a high suction power.

Joey High Speed Aluminium Fan

The high-speed motor rotates the fan at 32,000 revs per minute – that’s 500 rotations every second. And because we’ve positioned the motor and fan closer to the floor than in a wand design, the airflow pathways are shorter reducing unnecessary loss of energy.

This Cleva design generates a maximum 90 Air Watts* of suction poweron our Joey 21.6V motor unit.

*measured motor unit only, tested according to EN60312-1.

What does this all mean?

  • The high airflow and airspeed picks up and transports dust into the vacuum cleaner.
  • The high vacuum pressure clears blockages and helps maintain airflow when floor nozzles and filters become partially obstructed.

Our engineers have focussed on developing a high-quality vacuum cleaner at an affordable price. The Joey is designed to clean your home, your car, your spaceship, effortlessly.