Good Housekeeping Institute verdict on the Joey cordless vacuum cleaner

We know that unbiased, independent reviews are everything when it comes to helping you choose the best appliance for your home and budget. That’s why we asked the experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute to put our new Cleva Joey cordless vacuum cleaners through their paces. And we’re delighted with the verdict:

Model Score
Cleva Joey 21.6V 89/100 Read review
Cleva Joey 18V 89/100 Read review
Cleva Joey 14V 86/100 Read review

Good Housekeeping Institute Expert Verdict.    December 2017

The Good Housekeeping Institute Experts were particularly impressed with the pick-up performance of the powered brush head on our 21.6V & 18V Joeys. Giving us a fantastic score of 4.5/5 for performance.

“The motorised brush head copes well with dust and debris pick up, with almost top marks in these tests - and it picked up pet hair in just one sweep!” GHI Expert on Joey 21.6V Touch.

All three of our Cleva Joey cordless vacuum cleaners underwent real-life testing. Each vacuum cleaner was evaluated on performance, design, ease of use and quality of instructions.