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  • Cleva Joey cordless vacuum cleaners get the Good Housekeeping Institute approved endorsement

    When we sent our new Cleva Joey cordless vacuum cleaners to the experts at Good Housekeeping, there was an atmosphere of nervous excitement here at Cleva HQ.

    We knew that the Joey would be put through a barrage of tests. On performance, design and ease of use. So, when the news came in earlier this week that its passed the test and has been given the coveted Good Housekeeping Approved endorsement, we’ve been feeling very proud.

    ‘The 3 Cleva Joey vacuums have been rigorously tested by the Good Housekeeping Institute Experts and are now GHI Approved’. Good Housekeeping Institute.

    The GHI Approved initiative is an unbiased, independent endorsement. And only those products that pass the consumer Quality Assessment tests gain the prestigious endorsement. 

    The reviews will be available on The Good Housekeeping Institute in the New Year.

    According to Gfk - the fourth largest market research organisation in the world - our desire for more convenient appliances that save us time has seen sales of cordless vacuum cleaners grow considerably in recent years. Up 45% and still growing.

    If you’re yet to join the cord-free cleaning revolution, then you can learn more about our Cleva Joeys here.

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